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Eminem and Kim Speak Out
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*!* Eminem and Kim 'Speak Out' *!*

We've all heard about the Cleanin out my closet book by J.R Watkins a once trusted Friend of Kim and Marshall. In the book cleanin' out my closet, Jenny talks very badly and direspectfully about kim and Kim's drug Addiction and even goes so far as to say Kim isn't a good mother she seems to say very nice things about Marshall but also has some things to say about him and kim's relationship, His Aunt Betty and her family and even Em's little brother Nathan. Some people believe that half the book may be true and the rest just faulse allegations and straight out lies. Well here you can Listen to Kim and Marshall's very own responses on the Radio to all the things said in the book.

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Download 'Eminem Speaks out'

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