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Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Birthday: 17 Oct 1972

Parents: Marshall Bruce Mathers II and Debbie Mathers-Briggs

Lives: Oakland Township.

Siblings: Half Brother Nathan

Children: One daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers.



Facts about Eminem

* Height: 5'10

* Shoe Size: 10.5

* When he writes his lyrics, he starts at the corner of the paper and writes downward instead of writing on the lines.

* He is Left Handed

* He cuts his own hair

* Em’s fave drink is Mountain dew
* His favorite color is light blue

* He likes to play arcade games at his house such as Popeye, Dig Dug, and Ms. Pacman

* Em wears glasses

* Em gets a good laugh from Tom Green and South Park.

* His favorite food is Beef Burrito from Taco Bell

* Em likes shopping at K-MART and get’s mad that he can’t go as much because of his fame.

* Em has his own clothing line called Shady Limited

* Em like’s to try on the shady limited brand clothes for comfort reasons

* Paul Rosenberg has been eminem’s manager since 1995

* Em gave Paul one of the Grammy’s he won

* His musical influences include the likes of LL Cool J, Ice-T, NWA, Run DMC

* Eminem’s best friend and Uncle Ronnie committed suicide in 1991

* Eminem’s other Uncle Todd who helped raise Marshall recently committed suicide late 2004

* Em still get’s nervous before he goes on stage

* Em has full custody of his nearly 12 year old neice Alaina

* Em wrote a song for Hailie and Alaina called Mockingbird in which he explain to them why there mom was on the run

* He and Dido never actually met until the filming of the video for the song Stan

* His fave Collab with Dre is “Forgot about Dre”

* Em attends the public community meetings in his neighborhoods and let neighborhood kids play basketball in his backyard.

* Em’s idea of splurging is spending $500 at Nike town.

* His tattoo artists name is Mr. Cartoon he does a lot of celeb tattoos

* EM has a lot of tattoos. He has an E M I N E M tattoo on his upper right arm, a picture of Hailie right above it that says Bonnie & Clyde underneath it, a vertical Hailie Jade tattoo on the back of his right arm, a D near his right elbow (the 1st part of his D-12 tattoo), a 12 near his left elbow, a tribal sign on his left wrist that he got in memory of Bugz (a former member of D-12 that passed away), a Slim Shady tattoo complete with mushrooms on his upper left arm, a Ronnie RIP tattoo that's right under the Slim Shady one, a Kim Rot In Pieces tattoo on his torso, and a Slit Me tattoo on his right wrist. And his newest Tattoos a love heart that says Marshall + Kim and a rose with a skull in it under the Ronnie tattoo and on the right side an 8 mile scene tattoo.
*Em hung out w/Jay-Z at his record release party in NY till 3am.
*He had been wanting to sample Aerosmith's "Dream On" since he was 16. Proof reminded him about it and he sampled it for "Sing for the Moment".
* Em got his Rolex watch from Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records. 1 day, he was playing around and started complaining about how Kid Rock got a Rolex for Christmas and all he got was some free CDs to give to his cousins. He was surprised.
* Em says he is genuinely happy even though many fans think he is pissed of 24/7.
* Dre discovered EM after finding his demo tape on the floor of his studio. Then after EM won 2nd place in the Rap Olympics, he decided to sign him to his label.
* Em loves watching Cartoons with Hailie and Alaina.
* Everytime Em goes on tour he always call’s Home to make sure his girls are getting looked after.


Hailie Jade


Name: Hailie Jade Mathers

Birthday: 25th Dec 1995

Parents: Marshall Mathers III and Kim Scott

Lives: Oakland Township

Attends: Chereokee Elementary

Siblings: Half Sister Whitney Scott


Facts about Hailie Jade

*Hailie's favorite show's are: Dora the Explorer, Hey Arnold and Spongebob.

* Hailie's best friend is her 11 year old cousin Alaina.

* Hailie's hair color is light brown to Blond a mix of Marshall and Kim’s.

* Hailie loves it when her mom walks her and Alaina to school and picks them up.

* Eminem took Hailie to the premiere of 8Mile and he covered her eyes during the Naughty scenes.

* Hailie’s favorite color is pink.

*Hailie goes to the studio with her dad and while he is recording she plays video games or colors in.

* Hailie has been on 4 tracks with her father; My  Dads Gone Crazy,97 Bonnie n Clyde and  Hailie's revenge also  known as Doe Ray Me. [A diss track back to Ja Rule]

* Hailie came up with the hook for my dads gone crazy she was running around the studio one day saying “Somebody please help him I think my dad’s gone crazy” and she told her dad she wanted to say it on the Mic and she did.

* Hailie is in the Guinness records book for youngest r’n’b entrant with ‘My dad’s gone crazy’.

* Hailie’s eye’s are a mix between green and blue.

* Chloe Greenfield had a sleep over with Hailie so she could get to know Eminem better before they filmed 8 mile.

* Hailie went to the 8 mile premier in a glittery gown and was snuck in a fire exit by eminem’s family to avoid the media while her dad walked the red carpet.

*Hailie has a cat named Tigger.






Name: Kimberly Anne Scott Mathers

Birthday: 9 January 1975

Parents: Kathy Scott and Unknown

Lives: Oakland Township.

Siblings: Kim has a twin sister named Dawn Scott

Children: 2 Daughters: Hailie jade Mathers and Whitney Hatter


Facts about Kim

* Kim is a Twin

* Kim and her Twin were always on the Run at age 13 Kim moved in with Marshall and his Mother Debbie.

* Kim got married to Marshall in June 1999

* During her and Marshall’s divorce Kim met a man by the name of Eric Hatter and in 2002 gave birth to a baby girl Named Whitney which Eric Fathered.

* Kim has two Biological daughters, Hailie and Whitney. She and Marshall have raised her twin Dawn’s Daughter Alaina since they can remember.

* Kim’s ex Husband Rap Star Eminem saved her from a suicide bid in 2003.

* Kim has a mixture of green and blue eyes.

* Kim is rarely seen in public, she avoids celebrity parties and premieres, preferring to spend time being a mom.
* Kim Currently has brown hair

* Kim has a few tattoos-
Tattoo- Back - Tribal
Tattoo- Finger - Index: Alaina, Whitney, Hailie
Tattoo- Left Shoulder - Cross
Tattoo- Left Wrist - Tribal
Tattoo- Neck - Mask
Tattoo- Right Arm – Tribal
*Kim has been in and out of trouble with the Law for her drug Addiction she recently did 3-4 months in Jail and 90 days in Rehab she is currently out of Jail and Rehab.




Name: Alaina Marie Scott

Birthday: May 3, 1993

Parents: Dawn Scott and Unknown

Lives: Oakland Township

Attends: Cherokee elementary

Siblings: Twin Brother Adam [Alaina doesn’t get to see Adam]


Facts about Alaina 

* Alaina's favorite shows are: Spongebob, Hey Arnold and TRL.

* Alaina has brown hair with blonde high lights.

* Alaina loves when her Aunt Kim takes her and Hailie to school.

* Alaina's favorite color is neon blue

* Alaina has a half brother named Adam that is handicap that she is not allowed to see.

* Alaina's real last name is Scott but she spells her name ''Alaina Mathers’’ on her school papers.

* Marshall has custody of Alaina.

* Alaina has a half cousin named Whitney

* Her best friend is her 9 year old cousin Hailie Jade.