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Hailie jade biography
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Hailie Jade Scott was Born on Christmas day (Dec 25) 1995 to her Parents, Marshall Bruce Mathers III and Kim Scott In Detroit, MI. Her father was an Aspiring Rapper. When Hailie was born her Parents were having Financial problems. Kim and Marshall now had Hailie to provide for and there Neice Alaina who they soon Adopted. Hailie and Alaina grew up together from the cradle raised like sisters. Marshall went through Many Jobs trying to provide for his family but when things got rough between him and Kim, Kim often took the Children and Went to stay with her Mother Kathy and wouldnt Let Marshall see the Chidren. Then Finally Marshall Flew to Califronia to meet Dr. Dre Hailie and her Mom flew to California to see him but had to leave as he had to work. Hailie's first few christmases and birthday she didn't have alot of presents but by her 3rd Birthday the Tree was surrounded by presents for her as her father had finally been given a contract and was able to provide for his family again. Hailie made her first Musical appearence with her Father on a song called '97' Bonnie and Clyde', A song where she without knwoing helps her father to dispose of her mother body in a Lake Hailie has a small part in the song making baby noiseys and saying words such as "Hey", "Mommy". Her Second Appearence is onn a song called 'My dad's gone crazy'. Hailie Actually came up with the concept according to her father  "One day we were in the studio recording a song and Hailie goes 'Somebody please help him i think my dad's gone crazy' and im like Hailie what did you say?, she repeated herself and said she wanted to say it on the mic", and that song is track 19 on the Eminem Show. Also in the eminem show track 14 a song called Hailie's song that Em wrote it's like a lullaby for Hailie at first he was a bit embarassed to release it but like he said "Im never going to hold back on saying how i feel about my daughter".
Growing up Hailie hasn't always had the life of a regualr young girl. in 2002 Hailie's mom gave birth to Hailie's half Sister Whitney, and in 2003 Kim got into all sorts of trouble with the law missed court dates in and out of rehab. This time was tough for Hailie as she was too young to really understand what was going on which is why if you listen to track 16 on Encore it's a song called 'Mockingbird'.
" When Mom was on the run they didn't understand it, and I'm not the greatest talker in the world, especially when I'm trying to explain to two little girls what's goin' on with someone who's always been a part of their life and just disappeared. So that was my song to explain to them what was goin on". Kim is Currently out of Rehab it is not Known Whether she is living with Marshall or Her Mother, but we can Assume kim is back too spending time with Hailie and Alaina, as through all these trouble no one can doubt the fact that both of Hailie's parents Love her Alot. Hailie is Currently Living Full time with Her Father and Cousin Alaina, where they Both attend Chereokee Elementary.