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Eminem Aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in October of 1972 to Debbie Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers II his father left when he was at a young age. Marshall grew up with his mother moving back and forth he was bullied in school and often changed every 3 months. At the age of 15 he had a found a childhood sweetheart Kim Scott there relationship was rocky. He also became close with his Uncle Ronnie when they were in there teens they started rhyming together Ronnie played Marshall, Ice T's Breakin Marshall was instantly hooked on rap. They wrote Rhymes together Marshall entered the Rap Olympics and came 2nd place. Sadly in 1991 Ronnie, Marshall's beloved uncle commited suicide. Marshall took the shocking news hard, he was back and forth working in dead end jobs, his relationship with Kim was struggling, he wanted to give up Until christmas day1995 his Daughter Hailie Jade was born, which made him realise he had to make it to provide for his family. One day a Mix-tape he had thrown away had gotten to Dr Dre and Dre flew Em to California where he signed him to Interscope. He released his first Album Infinite which didnt sell many copies at all he then releasecd the Slim shady EP not much of a sell either then the Slim Shady LP was released and it sold more than the last too people were starting to recognize the new white rapper Eminem was growing popular worldwide and the fan base was growing then was the release of the Marshall Mathers LP which sold Millions of copies worldwide. Now Eminem's rap career was taking off and he finally had the financial support he needed to provide for his family 6 years Later Eminem is one of the most popular rap artisits of this time his Music speaks to many people but through all his profanity theres one person he toned it down for his now 9 year old daughter. Now Eminem has Released his latest and most emotional song to date Mockingbird to explain to his daughter Hailie and Niece Alaina why Kim was on the Run the clip explains Em's relationship with Kim, how much his relationship with his daughter means to him and why he adopted his neice Alaina, Her and Hailie are now like Sisters as you could imagine they were raised together from the craddle, now Eminem stands one of the worlds most influential people.

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