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Alaina Marie was born May (3/5) to her Mother Dawn Scott and Father (Unknown). Alaina has a twin brother Named Adam who is handicapped Alaina doesn't see Adam. Alaina was originally meant to be raised my Dawn and Kim's mother Kathy but Marshall and Kim took her in and Later Adopted her and Raised her Alongside there own Daughter Hailie Jade. Both Girls Attend Cherokee Elementary. Alaina lived with her Aunty Kim, Uncle Marshall, Hailie and Even her cousin Whitney for a short time, Alaina used to love when her Aunty kim would walk her and Hailie to school but in 2003. Her Aunt Kim got into some drug problems and was on the run for a while and was in and out of rehab and even Jail. Alaina and Hailie were at an Age where they didnt understand how come a person whose always been a part of there lie suddenly dissapeared which is why On Eminem's Album Encore there's a song dedicated to the two girls. "Explaining to them what is happening and while mom's away you got dad and im here" and letting them know "Mom's sick, Mom's got a problem she needs help it's not your fault and it doesnt mean she doesnt love you beacuse she does". Eminem wrote the song to his niece and daughter as he claims he "isn't the best talker in the world". Kim is currently out of Jail and it can be assumed she is back in the lives of Hailie and Alaina. Alaina is currently living with her uncle Marshall and Cousin Hailie in Detroit.

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