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Kimberly Ann Scott was born Jan 9 1975, to her Mother Kathy and Father (Unknown). Kim has a Twin Sister named Dawn, Dawn and Kim were on the Run Alot as Kid's, Kim would always stay with Marshall and Dawn would run and stay with one of the Many Male friend's she surrounded herself with, When Kim was 13 she met her high school sweetheart Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Kim later Moved in with Marshall and his mother Debbie. Debbie and Kim didn't always see eye to eye, then Finally Kim and Marshall moved back together, at a young age Kim was very supportive of Marshall and his dreams of becoming a rapper, But then in 1995 Kim gave Birth to her and Marshall's first child Hailie Jade, Kim started to think Marshall's dreams were only dreams as she didn't think things like that happened to people like them. Then Marshall got his big break in California, Kim and Hailie flew to California to see Marshall and even celebrate his accomplishment but soon Kim and Hailie had to leave as Marshall started to Record his first Album. Kim was finding it tough raisng Hailie on her own. Marshall Came back Later Marshall and Kim Adopted. Dawn's Daughter Alaina and Raised her Alongside Hailie. As years went by Kim and Marshall still have there Love Hate Relationship in 1999 they Got Married and Kim's Last name Became Mathers they Later divorced in 2001. Kim then Met a guy by the Name of Eric Hatter in 2002 Kim Gave birth to another Baby Girl Whitney To Eric. Marshall Invited Kim and Whitney into his home. Kim later got herself into some trouble with the law due to Drugs She was Arrested on Drug charges. Then didn't show to court and was again Later Arrested for a Drug house Party Kim was in and out of Rehab and was even on the run for a while, Rumours have it Kim was going to Commit suicide but Marshall pleaded with her not to and offered to pay her Bail.  Then when Kim re-appeared in court she got 3 months in Jail and around 6 months in Re-hab, she got out early as she was making progress, Kim is currently out of Re-hab It's unclear whethere she is living with Marshall or her mother, But we all hope Kim is doing well and Seeing her Kids.

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